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"Gideon is a very gentle and patient voice instructor; he understands and really connects with his students. He is also extremely talented. I look forward to my time with him every week, I love working with Gideon!"
-Alia, PCVC Student




"Gideon has taken my daughter to a whole new level in voice; he has a very special way of bringing out the absolute best that she has to offer. Not only is she improving vocally, but she really is having fun working with him as well."
-Debi, PCVC Parent



**PeachCraft accepts cash, check, money-order and wire transfers. Wire-transfers have a 3% finance charge added. Should payment be made via PayPal and there is an issue with your payment, credit card or confirmation receipt please contact PayPal directly.

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* PeachCraft will not be responsible for providing make-up lessons for student absences.

* PeachCraft will determine a mutually agreeable make-up schedule for sessions rescheduled by faculty.

* PeachCraft states if, for reason of epidemic, or national crisis, the Conservatory is compelled to close during the course, no fees can be returned or compensation made for any period of the tuition that may have been lost through the Conservatory's inability to carry on its work. 


Registrant hereby releases and hold harmless PeachCraft from any and all claims, causes of action, suits, liability, costs, and expenses arising out of, or in connection with, any loss, personal injury, or other damage that the applicant may incur or suffer as a result of his/her participation. 

Registrant agrees and understands that PeachCraft may record the applicant's participation in this program and associated performances on video or by photograph. I grand PeachCraft unlimited use of any recordings with no obligation to the applicant.  Such recordings are the sole property of PeachCraft.

Available Courses

Musical Cabaret Ensemble I
Musical Cabaret Ensemble II
Musical Cabaret Ensemble III
Musical Cabaret Ensemble Masters Level

Audition Technique

Musical Cabaret Ensemble

This course is designed to aid the students in finding the comfort and skills needed to sing in ensembles as well as solo work. Along with learning solos, students will also work on duets, trios, quartets and larger groups in which they will learn how to sing in harmony to balance and blend their voice within the ensemble. Students will also work on technique and musical expression within their singing. Previous singing experience is required. Class members will work on scenes and song repertoire appropriate for their age group and vocal ability. A performance will take place at the end of the course for an invited audience.


Musical Cabaret Ensemble I  
Audition Required  
Grades 3-5 Wed 4:30-6:00  
• Fundamentals of Music Reading Level I
• Basic Vocal Technique
• Performance Etiquette
• Characterization

8 weeks, $980.
Materials fee $100 due first day of class.


Musical Cabaret Ensemble II  
Audition Required  
Grades 6-8 Mon. 4:30-6:00  
• Musical History
• Intermediate Vocal Technique
• Performance Etiquette
• Characterization
• Music Reading Level II

8 weeks, $980.
Materials fee $100 due first day of class.


Musical Cabaret Ensemble III  
Audition Required  
Grades 9-12 Thurs. 4:30-6:00  
• Music Reading Level III
• Advanced Vocal Technique
• Theory
• Characterization
• Performance Etiquette
• Learning the Business
8 weeks, $980.
Materials fee $100 due first day of class.


Masters Level  
More information to be announced at a later date.  



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Audition Technique

This course is designed to develop and perfect the skills necessary for music auditions. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and using the students’ own personal strengths and qualities, controlling anxiety, improving concentration and listening skills, developing spontaneity and perfecting the art of cold readings. In addition, students will prepare and present audition songs and compile appropriate repertoire sets.

Prerequisites MCE Level I

Tues. 4:30PM -6:00PM  
10 weeks, $850.  

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